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  1. Acceptance as a client of the Vamos Talento Talent Agency UK(Sole Agents) and appearance in the Spotlight digital directory does not guarantee the client professional work.
  2. For the period of registration, the client will be represented by the Vamos Talento Talent Agency UK. Therefore, should a client obtain any professional work during this period a commission of 20%  will become due and payable from any earnings to Vamos Talento Talent Agency UK .This includes any and all residual fees.
  3. All payments will be made to clients by BACS.
  4. I understand and agree that Vamos Talento Talent Agency & Grafotka, photographers, have sole discretion in deciding which photograph to print in the ‘Spotlight Children Directory,’ ‘Spotlight’s Young Performer Directory’ and ‘Spotlight Interactive’ and takes no responsibility for any omissions or errors in printing the directory. The Copyright of these pictures remains the sole ownership of Vamos Talento Talent Agency (UK) for 12 months after date of publication and may not be used for any other purposes.


  1.  Vamos Talento Client being ‘the Principal’ and Vamos Talento Talent Agency UK ‘the sole Agent’ hereby agree to the following: The Principal agrees that the Agent will attempt to negotiate on their behalf to secure contractual arrangements for their services. When an arrangement has been negotiated and accepted by both Parties, a contract, whether verbal or written then exists.
  2. The Principal understands that they must be absolutely sure they are available to carry out the work and fully understand the requirements before accepting any booking. Once the Principal has accepted the booking they are committed and liable to carry out that assignment. The Agency has the right to recover fees from Principals if they do not fulfil their assignments.
  3. The Agent will be entitled to a commission for negotiating such a contract. Commission will be due for all engagements not honoured by the Principal, except by reason of Force Majeure. In the case of illness the Principal will be expected to provide a Medical Certificate within seven days.
  4. In consideration of the Agent’s services the Principal agrees to pay the Agent a commission of 20% on all earnings. In addition to the commission on engagements secured as follows:
  5. Earnings include, in addition to fees and salaries for work done, residual fees, royalties, licence fees in respect of work to which this Agreement applies even if the sums in question are paid (with the Principal’s agreement or by the Principal’s direction) to some other person or body, but not including reimbursement of expenses of the Principal.
  6. It is the Principal’s responsibility to notify the Agent of any change of address and / or telephone numbers in writing at least 7 days before the actual move date.
  7. The Agent will make payment to the Principal by means of a BACS payment direct to an account nominated by the Principal within 10 working days of receipt of any monies due to the Principal. or as the Principal may direct in writing, without any deduction other than the commission due to the Agent and VAT payable of that commission. Royalties, residuals and other small amounts will only be paid out when they accrue to more than £20.
  8. In the event that any payment made by the Agent to the Principal is returned, either due to a change of address or bank account (if electronic payment has been made) which has not been notified to the Agent, the Agent will attempt to contact the Principal to confirm the new details. If, despite the Agents best endeavors, the new details cannot be confirmed, the Agent will retain the monies on the Principals behalf for a period of 3 years from the date of the first attempted payment, after which time the funds will be retained by the Agent.
  9. Should a Principal be contacted either directly or through another Agency for an engagement with a Management with whom the Agent procured the Principal an engagement or audition
  10. within the previous twelve months, the Principal agrees not to negotiate with that said Management or Agency(ies) and furthermore will immediately refer such enquiries to the Agent.
  11. The Principal understands that it is not the responsibility of the Agent to recover overdue unpaid monies from Third Parties. Any costs the Agent incurs over and above the normal cost of collecting monies from Third Parties (for example: stopped or re-presented cheques) may be chargeable to the Principal. Any other costs the Agent incurs in the collection of monies from Third Parties shall be only with the Principal’s prior agreement.
  12. Once accepted for sole representation should the Principal wish to leave the Agency they will notify the Agent in writing, giving 6 weeks notice. The Principal understands that should they decide to leave the Agency if they require the return of any personal documentation they will send a S.A.E to the Agency or they will be disposed of by the Agent. Your photo and individual page will also be removed from Spotlight upon resignation. Any enquiries for the Principal’s services that have been generated by the Agent that result in an engagement will be undertaken through the Agent and a commission of 20% on earnings will be due to the Agent. The Agent will be entitled to commission plus VAT on all residual fees, royalties, licence fees in respect of all work carried out by the Principal to which this Agreement applies.
  13. The copyright of any and all photographs taken as part of the ‘Spotlight’ package reside with Vamos Talento Talent Agency UK for a period of 12 months from the date of publication within ‘Spotlight Interactive Directory’ All photographs, both digital and hard copy, are for the exclusive use of the Agent, and any commercial or professional use of the photographs other than that specified or otherwise agreed in writing by the Agent is not permitted.
  14. Accepting the Vamos Talento Drama Coaching and / or accepting assignments from the Agent will imply the Principal’s full agreement and acceptance of all these terms and conditions.
  15. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No statement or representation by either party which is not contained in this Agreement shall be binding.

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